Expose Children In Your Youth Group To New Cultures By Hiring An Entertainer To Do A Presentation For Them

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Expose Children In Your Youth Group To New Cultures By Hiring An Entertainer To Do A Presentation For Them

If you are in charge of a youth group and you want them to be able to love and have compassion for people regardless of their race, gender, or religion, consider exposing them to different cultures that they may not be exposed to on a regular basis. You can hire entertainers to come and meet with your group to teach the kids about their culture. The following guide walks you through the steps to take to hire an African entertainer to teach the kids in your group more about the African culture.

Determine When the Entertainer Is Available

The first thing you need to do is decide when you want to have the presentation. It needs to be during a time that is conducive to the children's school schedules. You do not want the children to have to miss school in order to attend the presentation. It is best to have the presentation early in the evening after school or on the weekends.

Determine What Will be Taught to the Children

Next, you need to discuss with the entertainer what he or she will discuss during their presentation. You need to be sure that the presentation will be acceptable for all of the children who will be in attendance. Something that is acceptable for a twelve-year-old to learn about may not be acceptable for a five-year-old to learn.

Get Permission from the Parents

It is important to make sure that the parents know that the presentation is going to take place and that you get them to sign a release form allowing their children to attend the presentation. You do not want to teach a child something that their parents do not want them to learn and getting written permission from each parent ensures no one will be upset after the presentation.

Determine the Price for the Presentation

You need to have the entertainer provide you with a written invoice as to how much he or she is going to charge for the presentation. If you plan to use funds from the group to pay the entertainer, you need to be able to prove how much you had to pay and when you had to pay it so that the group funds can be properly tracked.

Be sure to have the children arrive early so that they can take their seats and be ready to watch the presentation when it starts. Have them sit quietly and pay attention to ensure they are able to learn everything that they can from the entertainer.

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