What Group German Classes Can Teach You More About the Language

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What Group German Classes Can Teach You More About the Language

If you want to open the door to a new world of cultural experiences, learning the German language is a good place to start. By learning this popular European language, you'll have an easier time getting around if you travel to Germany, Austria, or another German-speaking country and be able to communicate with German immigrants better. Your knowledge of German might even help you land a job in the tourism, medical or legal field easier. One of the best ways to learn this exciting language is by taking group German classes that allow you to learn the fundamentals of the German language with other students.

Practical Phrases, Sentences, and Questions

You'll learn how to ask where the bathroom is located, how to order at a restaurant and many other practical phrases, sentences, and questions when you enroll in one of the group German classes that's available. The instructor can also teach you how to understand walking and driving directions and how to ask for help in an emergency. The importance of repetition will be emphasized when you learn these elements of speech so that you'll be able to commit them to memory.


The proper pronunciations of words will also be covered in depth when you take a group German class with a qualified instructor. Without the proper pronunciation, people will have more difficulty understanding you when you try to talk German, which can create additional language barriers. You'll also learn the proper intonation of certain words and sentences to help you communicate more like a native speaker.

Articles and Word Endings

The German language includes many different ways of saying the and a, and you'll learn how to use these articles correctly with nouns. Word endings can also change depending on if a certain word is in the plural or singular form and whether the word is considered to be a masculine, feminine or neuter noun. The case in which you use the word can also alter the article and word ending that's used, and your instructor can teach you everything you need to know to help you master this topic easier. 

How to Communicate with Other People

The correct word spellings and grammar rules are important to learn for any language, but you'll likely struggle a lot in conversations if you try to talk to German speakers but haven't practiced speaking the language frequently enough. One of the biggest advantages of group German classes is the opportunity to practice communicating with other students frequently. You will also be able to receive additional help from your peers and can even arrange to practice speaking German with them outside of class so that you can try to progress in your learning faster. 

These are just some of the topics that will be included in your German group class. Many language instructors offer both private and group German classes and will be happy to welcome you as a new student. For more insight or to enroll, contact services like Atlanta International Language Institute (AILI).

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